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Crimp covers are one of most useful inventions ever, in my opinion.
They ony take a little practice.  The important thing to remember is not to
squeeze too hard.  Some people apply the entire cover as shown in the picture
above.  I use crimp pliers to set the cover over the crimp.  Then switch to bent
nose pliers and gently close the cover in two or three gentle squeezes until I get
a great looking closed cover.  One note to add, not shown in the picture, it is
recommended to use a small non-metal bead between the crimp and the loop.
This creates a buffer of sorts so there is less wear on your stringing wire.
The picture below shows a glass bead used in this manner.
For a neat finish enclose your stringing wire inside the groove of the fold over clasp.
Ever have problems trying to figure out how to insert the stringing wire
in a 3-strand clasp?  The diagram below may help.
Another use for wire guards
I came up with this idea out of frustration. I use wire guards (cable thimbles, wire protectors, horseshoe wires) as extra protection and finishing when using watch faces. I never liked the look of the beading wire going through the hole but more than that I was concerned about the durability. I always used two strands of high quality beading wire but never felt extremely confident. Now I have no worries and it looks a more finished.

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